Germs are everywhere! Bacteria is ever-present in increasingly alarming numbers! Pathogens have become to center of attention! Yes, my dear people. We are all sick, and if we aren’t yet we’re going to be.

As you can tell from my most dramatic introduction, everyone I know is sick with some sort of disease – from a cold to the flu, from strep throat to tons of migraines. I walk down the hallway at my school and the only thing I get is people coughing all over me. It’s very annoying.

Besides the inconvenient matter with germs, my life has been busy yet boring. I have decided that I need to do something unusual before my life becomes a worthless piece of junk. But what, I wonder?

Tune in to next time when Savannah does something crazy and kills herself.



This past Sunday I went to a friends house for superbowl party. It was great, I ate, watched the game and talked to a ton of people. I met some new people and made friends with Meghin, Trevor, Corbin’s older brother and Storm. It was pretty awesome.

When I got back, I did school, unloaded my camera-full of pictures on facebook, and chatted to Mike some.

Anyhoo. I’ll see you later!!! Bye people.

During this first semester, I’ve made the terrible mistake of laying back. Unfortunately, it means that I have an awful lot of things to catch up on this semester. My school and my grades are good, I’m talking about the smaller things that are just as (if not more) important. Like memorizing 2 Timothy. I’ve got to start really working on that. I’ve got to get the application for this years summer camp it (the one I want to work at). So much stuff to do! Which is why, my dear readers, I must be going now.

Life has been so busy! I’m loving it though. We got some snow yesterday, which was really nice and really unusual around here. It wasn’t very much though, it didn’t even stick to the ground. The formal is coming up, and I’m so excited! I got this beautiful dark blue dress that goes to my knees and has this silver jewel pattern running across the top part like a ribbon. It’s wonderful! Mom is supposed to take me shopping for matching shoes and jewelry later this week. Money’s tight, but fortunately we’re doing much better off than most people we know. Life is so wonderful, and God is so good to us!!!

I’ve been a little worried about college, though. Mom and Dad have been having some serious talks with me about it, and I’m starting to freak out (to put it lightly). I want to major is Music, either in piano or voice, but I’m going to need a scholarship in something whether it’s acedemics or music. I need to interview Ms. Anne’s (my piano teacher) daughters so I can figure out how they did it. Mr. Tom (my voice teacher) said that I definately have the potential to major in voice and that I should – but my parents seem a little negative about it when I bring it up. I didn’t do so well at my last piano lesson, so my Dad said that the next time I get a bad report he’ll take me out of piano . . . Yeah. Scarey.

I’m taking this leadership class with Mr. Sam, and it’s awesome. The people are great! Besides that, nothing knew is going on in my life except for the upcoming testing for taekwondo, being a part of the Ronald McDonald Teen Board, and algebra. Speaking of which, I need to go to do math and instruct the taekwondo class really soon.

Besides that, my relationship with God is really suffering. I can’t seem to find the time to talk to him, and the truth is when I do have the time I don’t want to talk to him. I really need to fix my priorities and get back on schedule. I’m also having to make a choice about what to do with my summer – I want to work at Bethel Camp as a junior counselor, but my Dad thinks my summers will be better spent going to music camp or doing something more productive.

Until then, people!


Well, the title says it all. I’ve decided to make procrastinating a lifestyle. Unfortunately, the only setback is that I never get anything done.

I had to make this list of things I like to do for my dad, and it was pretty fun. I’m trying to figure out what I want to do as a career when I get older, and so the list is supposed to help me figure that out.

I joined the Youth Board of Ronald McDonald and so we have our first meeting tonight. I’m pretty excited.

I’m still worried about chemistry. We have the first test of this semester of Thursday, so I’m pretty busy studying for that.

Well, since I don’t have anything important to say, I must go. Until later!


I’m getting a group of girls to go shopping for prom dresses next Friday. On the 23rd our group is have a Masquerade! So exciting. I’m really excited about it, but my brother is debating whether or not to go. Boys. I can’t see why they don’t like dances.

Anyhoo, my new favorite song of the moment is “You & Me” by Lifehouse. Such an incredible song. My brother Dylan had to go to the doctor today and get a catscan. He’s gone some sort of lump just below his lungs, and we’re not sure what it is. The doctor should be calling us later today to tell us what it is.

I have a ton of school to do, but right now I’m just not motivated. It depresses me. I’ve got to get it done.

And so, here I go. Goodbye, people!


I took this really cool personality test today at and was really amazed by the results. It’s totally me! Apparently, my personality type is Motivator. Check out the rest of my results:

General Description
As a Motivator, you excel in blending your high energy and enthusiasm with the desire to achieve goals and results. Your superior communication skills enable you to effectively motivate others and mobilize them to action.

Typical Areas of Strength
Motivators, like you, are passionate, highly interactive people who love to achieve, influence, and relate with others, especially large groups. You thrive on variety, changes, new challenges, and opportunities to convince others of your viewpoints. You point to the future with great optimism.

Typical Areas of Struggle
You sometimes may push your strengths to the extremes; and you may exhibit weaknesses, such as exaggeration, hyperbole, becoming too emotional, or overlooking key details. You may then begin to be controlling, impatient, or impulsive.

Your Preferred Activities
Because you demonstrate a desire to achieve and be recognized, you function best when you have frequent people interaction and have opportunities to set ambitious goals.

Your Communication Style
You communicate through your superior verbal abilities and combine your zeal and passion to motivate others to action. You sometimes need to wait for other family members to catch-up to your ambitious goals.

You know, people say that your personality changes as you get older. I’ve decided that this is true – my personality was very different several years ago. I was like a completely different person! Back then, I was this sweet quiet little motherly girl. I guess it just goes to show you’ve always got to be aware of who you’re becoming.

After I made a list of ten things I hate, I decided to be positive and make a list of ten things I love. And so, here is the list.

1. Chocolate. It’s so good, I would not be surprised if it turned out to be angel’s food. Chocolate is to die for, especially if it’s in the form of hot chocolate.

2. The Summer. It’s always a time to have fun and get away from the stress of school. No matter if I’m spending the summer as a camper or as a Jr. Counselor, I always have the time of my life during these months and I always learn and experience more than at any other time of the year.

3. Christmas. There’s something magical about this time of year. I always bond with my friends and family at this time of the year as well as get the chance to start over or start something new.

4. Having new experiences, especially with other people. I love getting new experiences because I always learn something from it, whether it be traveling or getting a different career. Being able to spend time with other people is equally if not more important, and being able to create memories with people I love is one of the most important things in life. Someone once said that “As long as we have memories, yesterday remains. As long as we have hope, tomorrow awaits. As long as we have love, today is beautiful.” I try to live my life my that statement and make as many memories, as much love, and as great of a hope as I possibly can.

5. Music. It expresses what cannot be said and on which it is impossible to be silent.

6. Dance. It, like music, is one of the most liberating and wonderful way that people have of expressing themselves.

7. Writing. Everyone has a story inside them, and writing is the best way to bring it out. And let’s face it – everyone loves a good story.

8. Science. It studies the world, and through it some of the most wonderful concepts can be explained.

9. Acting. Much like writing, it tells a story that people can relate to and learn from, but instead of creating the story, you are living it.

10. Nature. God created so many wonderful things around us, it would be a pity for overlook them. Nature truly is an incredible thing, and if you keep your eyes open you’ll always be able to find a peice of heaven here on earth.

Well, that’s all for this post. Until next time, my dear non-existing reader.

Well, since I am a copycat, I decided to mimic my brother’s last post and write a list of ten things I hate. And so, dear reader, here is my list.

1. People who don’t flush the toilet. It’s just plain out disgusting, and it makes the bathroom smell. If you have the luxury of living in a house with toilets that flush, why not take advantage of the fact that you do not live in a gas station or a port-o-potty?

2. Slow computers. I don’t need to say any more on this subject – modern technology just should not be slow. It’s a crime and it’s annoying.

3. Vegetables. Sorry, call me stubborn and whiny little brat, but it’s true. I hate vegetables. Gimme the sugar, baby, and bring on the chocolate!

4. People who spend too much on stupid little unnecessary items that aren’t going to be used anyway, or on items that are merely a passing whim. This really ticks me off. Oh sure, I go buy icecream and movie tickets whenever I want, but I’m not talking about that. You see, I use and enjoy that icecream and movie ticket very much, and I always will enjoy them.

5. Over-emotional people, especially girls. Now, I’m a girl, so don’t take this the wrong way. But there are just some people that can’t think because they’re too busy being tossed around by their emotions. Take my little sister for example. She’s the most sensitive, most dramatic and emotional person I know (except for a few rare freaks I’ve seen on TV, but I sincerely hope they were just playing for the camera). For heaven’s sake, people, you’ve got a head, so use it!

6. People that are sexist. Now, I’m not of the belief that women are above men – by no means! But they are equal, and they should be treated as such. Now, thankfully, we live in a society where women almost always get this freedom and in some ways are treated better than men by men. However, there are still some people out there who look down on women, and it really ticks me off. It’s true, women can stay home and take care of kids and leave men “to do all the hard work”, but most women these days work and take care of kids. My dad is somewhat sexist, and so I’m rather sensitive to the subject. One of my reasons for trying to accomplish everything I want to accomplish is to prove him wrong and to be better than him. Oh, that would be a glorious day!

7. Snobby, disrespectful people who thinks they’re better than anyone else. Who doesn’t hate that?

8. The creepy expressions some people use. Have you ever taken the time just to look at your mom and watch her facial expressions as she interacts with people? Then you know what I mean. Why would anyone want to look like that?

9. Boys who act like they’re “all that” whenever they try to impress a girl. Hopefully a few more years will teach them that sane girls don’t appreciate that.

10. People bullying other people around. I know that at times, you gotta do what you gotta do. Just not when you don’t need to do it.

Alright, my rant is complete. Wow, that’s kind of fun! I like ranting. I really should do it more often.

Until next time, dear reader.

Well, my long lovely break is nearly over and school starts back on Monday! I’m really not looking forward to it, and the mention of chemistry sends me into a momentary coma. I’m going to have a very busy semester, especially since my mom came up with this schedule idea and I’m going to have to focus more in piano. Don’t get me wrong, I love piano more than anything, even more than writing, but still . . . I’ve got a lot hanging on this. My family is relaxing this weekend and we’ve all enjoying a Lost season 4 marathon. I’m working hard on my stories before the computer is shut down (and only re-opened on Friday night). That means my blogs might become extremely limited.

Anyway, until next time, my dear non-existant readers. Comment if you so desire, and if not, I don’t blame you.